Are you ready to Ignite your business growth? 

StandOut Sales is the #1 sales training that teaches you how to drive revenue into your business in a brilliant and balanced way.

Are you ready to Ignite your business growth? 

StandOut Sales is the #1 sales training that teaches you how to drive revenue into your business in a brilliant and balanced way.

Say goodbye to out dated sales strategies.

Sales should feel beautiful and aligned.

It’s time for you to have StandOut Sales that lead to results!

For many “sales”can be a scary word. We avoid talking about it, thinking about it or creating a strategy around it. And this fear of sales is often rooted in our past experiences being on the receiving end of very masculine approaches to sales conversations. The cut throat style. The one-liner that’s supposed to close the sale.

Sales should feel energetically aligned.

I focus on relationship building and a high touch approach during the sales process in order to create a long lasting business relationship.

As a woman, I believe in lifting other women up and supporting each other in a fierce and loving way!

When we become Rooted, we activate our female energy – beautiful, brilliant, badass, and owning our value and worth. We are the changemakers, not afraid to step out and do what we do best, unapologetically.

Imagine if you could …

It’s time to step up as the warrior goddess you were intended to be. I’m here as your guide to achieve a truly amazing and balanced life while feeling brilliant in your business.

Let’s find the right sales support for YOU!

StandOut Sales
Launch Support

This done for you package is designed for high six and seven figure entrepreneurs and includes cultivating a sales team, initiating systems, and supporting you throughout your launch or virtual event.

Work with Jamie to lead your launches or live events to high conversions through deep relationship-based sales trainings and aligned integrity sales strategies.

Rooted One-On-One
Sales Mentorship

This 12 week personalized package is designed for grounded visionaries and includes 1:1 mentorship with Jamie. We’ll focus on your sales goal and a strategy to reach it. You’ll receive custom resources and Voxer support.

If you’re not quite ready to bring on a 6 figure sales manager but need support when it comes to sales systems and strategy to level up your business, this is for you.

StandOut Sales

This 12 week training walks you through Jamie’s SALES framework. A combination of weekly training, sales mentorship with Jamie, community, and access to all training material and StandOut Sales resources.

Whether you’re scaling your business or selling for someone else, the StandOut Sales training teaches you how to be seen as a sales authority and increase your sales conversions.

Want to trade that burnt out feeling for brilliance and balance?

I’ve got you covered!

My StandOut Sales Training Framework






Sales mentorship to reach your next level

Curious to know more about the process to get started with your sales strategy?

  1. Schedule your exploration call and fill out a short questionnaire to make the most out of our conversation together. 
  2. We hop on a quick call to talk about whether we’re a good fit to work together. 
  3. If we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a contract and invoice (all standard stuff).
  4. Next I’ll send your welcome information with all the need to know details and more.
  5. We get started and you finally get the support you deserve and I get to support another amazing client!


You have a minimum 6-figure sales goal and are looking to operate in your zone of genius. You want to be able to trust having someone take sales, the system and process, and reporting off your plate and knowing it’s going to be executed in an excellent way.

During our time together we will audit your current software systems and make suggestions/update systems as needed to best simplify and optimize your launch.

We can look at your current team structure and see if there’s someone you’d like to train or promote within, explore clients/students that may be the right fit for this role or discuss bringing in a StandOut team for your event/launch.

Typically a sales team will drive an additional 20-25% revenue into the building through proper training, systems and sales conversations. Our StandOut Sales professionals have been known to drive in an additional 40% at times.

From a sales component, you are 100% supported during your launch. We will cultivate a dynamic sales team, properly train them, organize and optimize your sales systems and processes, and manage the team throughout your launch. We will do everything to drive sales and conversions during this very important time.

Still have some questions? 

Book a no pressure exploration call with Jamie to get your lingering questions answered.